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As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, we began to examine our economy and the ways in which it can improve in order for our communities to be more secure in times of need. This ongoing conversation ensures that future changes will continue to provide aid to our communities. Here are some of our values:

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We believe the success of the economy and each of its institutions should be assessed by how well they achieve the collective wellbeing, independence, dignity and growth of workers.

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We believe the path to a new economy requires courageous conversations, reflection, new and unconventional ideas, data-informed analysis, transparency, community and worker representation and multi-sector collaboration.

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We believe an economy designed to achieve wellbeing must prioritize the natural environment. Conventional extractive economic practices have destroyed many species and endangered all life. The building of sustainable, resilient communities calls for a deep transformation in the way we marshal Earth's resources, produce and exchange goods and services, and live our personal lives.

Construction Workers

Real-World Improvement

We will empower and engage workers to create models, enduring business organizations, and policies that dismantle financial insecurity, eliminate poverty, build community wealth, and prohibit exploitation.

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We affirm that our efforts are inclusive and prioritize marginalized communities. We respect and encourage intergenerational and multi-racial perspectives and support the intersectionalities of individuals and communities.



Encuentre oportunidades laborales locales. Por favortenga en cuenta que revisamos cada listado antes de publicarlo, pero aun así alentamos a las personas a que verifiquen dos veces y se aseguren de que la empresa sea creíble.

New Economy Update

Get to Know More

On April 17, 2023, the Pomona City Council unanimously approved funding for LRT's Pomona Jobs Program (PJP) through the City's American Rescue Plan (ARP) dollars. PJP is a program in partnership with the Institute for Ecological Civilization (EcoCiv) and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance California (WeAll) that will establish an Anchor Institution Collaborative and High Road Training Partnerships to create at least 30 to 50 new, high-quality jobs in Pomona. LRT and EcoCiv are in the process of developing job descriptions for the staff that will lead this groundbreaking initiative in our region. The goal is to kick-off the organizing work for PJP this summer.


Stay tuned for more details and updates on the New Economy's projects and PJP and to learn about how you can get involved. 

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