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A project from Latino/a Roundtable, building a more resilient community

Lower utility rates and energy efficiency rebates

  • What is emPOWER?
    emPOWER is a project working with many organizations in California to make sure that people most affected by pollution and increasing utility bills can access millions of dollars worth of relief from different agencies and government organizations.
  • Who can apply for emPOWER?
    Anyone can apply! emPOWER will connect you to a number of programs so you can receive the help you need.
  • How to apply?
    Applying is simple. You can apply through this website by using the "sign-up" button above!
  • I applied. What are the next steps?
    After applying, you will receive an email. This email will have a list of programs you prequalify for. The list will have the websites so you can apply to the specific program.
  • How else can I get involved to be a part of the change?
    To find out what other issues LRT works on, click the “about” tab on our home screen. To learn about upcoming events, sign up for email reminders or follow our instagram @latinolatinaroundtable.sgpv
  • What if I don’t receive an email with the list of programs?
    If you do not receive a list, reach out to our community organizers.
  • How do the programs work? Is this fraud?
    Each program has a different process. None of the programs are fraud. They actually have several steps to ensure your information is accurate and secure. For example, federally funded programs require proof social security and vehicle retirement programs require a license and registration.
  • I do not feel comfortable filling out an application online or giving my information to someone over the phone. Can I speak to someone in person?
    Of course! Our community organizers are more than happy to meet with you. Due to recent spikes in COVID, assistance is available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, contact our community organizers.
  • I need assistance filling out an application.
    If you require assistance with an application, reach out to our community organizers. You can call (626)-600-9498 for more assistance!
  • More Information about emPOWER:
    Since 2019, LRT has partnered with the Liberty Hill Foundation in extending its work to the San Gabriel/ Pomona Valley and the Inland Empire through the emPOWER program. This helps promote and advocate for energy efficiency, financial assistance, and clean energy alternatives to communities of color. Environmental racism continues to be prevalent in our communities, but several steps are being taken to advocate for better air quality, accessible utilities and clean energy. emPOWER advocates for individuals in danger of having their utilities shut off and has helped them apply for relief.
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